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Hand-Stamped Stoneware Baker

Hand-Stamped Stoneware Baker

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Steam, simmer, and sizzle in style with our thoughtfully crafted collection of cookware and bakeware. Explore a wide array of pieces that are both fashionable and functional including measuring cups, measuring spoons, bake pans, crocks, mixing bowls, batter bowls, berry baskets, scoops, strainers, spreaders, and so much more. Choose from a vast selection of materials from wood and steel to stoneware and glass, and styles from classic farmhouse and mid-century modern to vintage glam and southwestern. Add a touch of beauty to meal prep or holiday baking with this carefully curated collection of kitchen wares that are sure to impress. This eclectic set of bake pans showcases durable stoneware construction with 4 unique, hand-stamped designs. This piece is food safe. Dishwasher safe. Made from stoneware

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